Casa Museo – Monumento al Campesino

Located in the geographical center of Lanzarote, in the municipality of San Bartolomé, the Casa-Museo del Campesino is the work with which César Manrique paid tribute to the wisdom and effort of the peasants of Lanzarote, capable of making life sprout and grow food in a hostile environment marked by water scarcity.
The Casa-Museo del Campesino is a journey through the popular architecture of Lanzarote that interested Manrique so much and in it the white color of the walls and the green of the wood predominate. It was conceived as a museum dedicated to the agrarian life of Lanzarote, housing exhibition halls and a restaurant where you can taste the typical cuisine of the island. In the Plaza de los Artesanos, built on an old quarry for stone extraction, the workshops are located with which to discover the rich craftsmanship of the place: rosette embroidery, pottery, leather work or dye with cochineal.
The complex is completed with the Monument to Fertility, a construction of more than 15 meters, created by César Manrique together with the master Jesús Soto from old water tanks of ships, iron and concrete objects assembled, being a magnificent
reflection of the avant-garde art that has become one of the iconographic symbols of the island.

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